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Q: Do you test on animals?


A: No, we do not do animal testing.



Q: Where do your products come from/manufactured?


A: Our Shea Butters and Black Soaps are products of Ghana, Africa. All other products are made in the USA.



Q: What is the difference between the white and the yellow Shea Butter?


A: The only difference in the Yellow and White Shea Butter is the added root from the borututu tree which gives the Yellow shea that yellow color. This addition does not alter the effectiveness of shea butter and is merely a preference. You may find that the yellow shea butter has a slightly stronger scent than the white.



Q: I find a lot of conflicting information about the shelf life of Shea Butter. Is there a shelf life?


A: Yes, there is a shelf life to Shea Butter. The exact shelf life will depend on how you store it. Our Shea Butter is pure and unrefined making it a natural product with no preservatives added, and with any natural product, it will expire. Proper storage plays an important part in the shelf life of Shea Butter. Storing Shea Butter in a cool, dry place, making sure to seal the container securely, will help lengthen the shelf life.

We have added the expiration date to our packaging so our customers can better gage how long the beneficial properties of Shea Butter are at its peak (which is a year to two years).



Q: What is the melting point of Shea Butter?


A: The melting point of Shea Butter is 95° to 100°F (35° - 38°C). If you plan on melting Shea Butter, using a slow method is best. Not in a microwave as the consistency will change once it solidifies again. Using a water bath to melt Shea Butter is suggested.



Q: I would like to order wholesale. How can I do that?


A: Please use the contact us page and we'll be more than happy to assist you.


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